The principals launched the Covista Value Fund Limited Partnership in 2015 as a means of investing in a pooled portfolio alongside their clients. The Portfolio Manager seeks to realize long-term capital appreciation by acquiring positions in companies trading below intrinsic value.

We seek to accumulate shares of companies with little or no analyst coverage, strong balance sheets, and competent management teams aligned with investor interests.

Risk is reduced through sector and industry diversification.

Investment Objective
Low risk long-term capital appreciation.

Investment Approach
Active bottom-up fundamental value.

Portfolio Manager
Rann Cannon is the portfolio manager of the Covista Value Fund Limited Partnership. For over 20 years, Mr. Cannon has worked within the Canadian and US investment industry, creating and managing portfolios for institutions and high net worth individuals. He also has extensive experience in securities analysis.

Mr. Cannon is a Chartered Financial Analyst®

To discuss your eligibility to invest in the Covista Value Fund Limited Partnership, please contact us.

Portfolio Manager: Rann Cannon

Prime Broker: TD Securities

Hurdle: 5%

RSP & TFSA eligible: Yes

Valuation & Liquidity: Monthly

Incentive Distribution: 20%


Minimum Investment: $25,000

Management Fee: 2%

Early Redemption Fee:  Y1: 6%, Y2: 4%, Y3: 2%

Strategy: Deep Value

Auditor: KPMG

High Water Mark: Yes